Unspoken Chamber is first person perspective rogue like crawler game with randomly generated content and real time melee fighting system.

Game is powered by Unreal Engine 4.


You are soul master searching for most powerful soul. Details to be revealed.

Real Time

You play in real time, you can’t pause the time. Be prepared – game is dynamic.

Generated Content

Content in Unspoken is randomly generated. From levels, weapons, items to enemies and random encounters.

First Person Perspective

You will feel what you are doing.

Limitless Hands

You can equip everything – two handed weapons, dual weapons, pistols even two shields if you like.

Fight System

Focused on real time dynamic melee fighting. Ranged weapons can help you out but they are rare.

Require some tactic (preparing, choosing weapons, using traps) and overall reflex when fighting with enemies.

Endless Characters

You create character which will go to raid.

Not only Dungeons

You won’t be raiding only in Dungeons. There are outdoor levels as well. You can choose which map you want to play using world map.


Yes, you will have your home where you can upgrade/craft gear, prepare for next raid or even meet some friends.


Create companions from souls you have gathered. They might join your mission.


You can raid with your friends.